Wexperon Shoes, established under the umbrella of Uzman Shoes, is a leading brand with a production capacity of 700 - 1000 pairs per day in a 1000 m2 area, specializing in comfortable footwear fashion. Our goal is to provide you with the latest fashion products in the most comfortable way, all crafted with 100% handiwork. We have received positive feedback from customers from all around the world. Wexperon represents a fresh perspective on comfortable fashion. For many years, we have been dedicated to offering you the best shopping experience possible and helping you express your style.


We believe that fashion is a quality business and we continue to grow and develop with this spirit.


Wexperon is a footwear destination with a diverse portfolio of global footwear brands. Our legacy includes dedicated craftsmanship, a passion for the norm and a global business sense, with a mission to continue to inspire people to feel good. We like to constantly renew our designs to dazzle with your style.


We bring the new season trends together with the new generation shoe lovers. With the experience of our specialist footwear company, Wexperon creates a diverse shoe portfolio and offers comfortable and stylish shoe options. We take pride in designing and supplying trending styles with maximum comfort in mind.


With easy access to our exclusive shoe collections and styles, you'll always have access to our latest shoe collections. We continue our passion to provide a luxury footwear experience for men and women of all lifestyles. We use incredible and durable materials that are soft and comfortable to touch, yet tough enough to withstand daily wear.


The different parts from which a shoe is made are carefully selected at Wexperon and only the best materials are chosen for production.


As Wexperon, we are proud to accompany you with the solid steps you will take without compromising your aesthetic and stylish appearance with the quality of comfortable shoes that will not endanger your health.


We work with our experienced designers with the latest designs, features and styles to make you look like a modern and trend-setting icon.

There is a style for every occasion. Discover a style for yourself too.



To achieve the leadership in the sector in Turkey and in the world market and to achieve the export target as a national power. It is to deliver on time by acting with team spirit and producing quality products.



To provide reliable and quality service by increasing its place in the sector day by day, taking into account the developing technology and innovations. At the same time, under the leadership of our R&D studies, it is to target advanced points in the shoe industry.